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Our course was created with communication as the goal. Therefore, the content of each lesson is designed to help you perform in a specific real-life situation. This includes developing your reading, writing, and listening skills, all in a particular context. After you complete the lesson, and when you feel ready, you can book a Conversation Practice with your instructor, where you'll be asked to perform communication tasks, such as talking about habits, likes and preferences of travellers, and many more.

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Our approach:

  • Be more efficient.

    Learn what you need in order to communicate. No more, no less.

  • Maximize your vocabulary.

    Recall words better by studying everything in real-life contexts.

  • Learn how to listen.

    We'll train you to understand what you need, when people speak at real-speed.

  • Practice with real people.

    Not with a machine. We're professional instructors and also native speakers.

Our programs:

  • Independent Program

    Self-correcting activities

    This program is for the self-motivated type. If you’re the kind of person who has enough motivation and discipline to complete a course totally on your own, then this is the plan for you. You’ll have access for 6 months to the course so you can complete the lessons at your own time, and check your progress at the end of each lesson with our communication-oriented checkpoints.

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  • Premium Program

    Self-correcting Activities + Instructor Feedback + Conversation Practice

    Languages are learned as you use them. To keep your learning process solid and coherent, after you complete each lesson you can book a 30-min practice with your instructor to engage in a variety of situations where you have to speak Spanish to perform a given task, for example, talk about your habits, likes and preferences when you travel.

    6-month access

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  • Private Lessons

    Get more practice time and dedicated attention from your instructor. Work on your particular goals and leverage on your learning style. All levels available.
    Just create a new account and email us your preferred days and times.

    10-hour Package (first-time students only)

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